Mom & Baby Aquafit Instructor Course

Learn how to teach a wildly popular Mom & Baby Aquafit class!

Here's What You Get Inside

  • 1

    Introduction to Mom & Baby Aquafit

    In this first module we introduce the concept of what is at the core of a Mom & Baby Aquafit class. We look at what distinguishes it from other types of Aquatic fitness classes, including the benefits for both Mom and Baby, how to minimize the safety issues for both Mom & Baby, what they both should wear and tips for how they can both get the most out of the class.

  • The benefits of Aquafit for both Mom & Baby
  • What makes the class unique
  • Unique issues that an instructor needs to consider
  • Keep Mom & Baby safe
  • Keep Mom & Baby comfortable
  • Tips to help Mom & Baby get the most out of the class

  • 2

    Dealing with the Effects of Pregnancy & PostNatal Issues

In this second module we take a quick trip back to Pregnancy to look at the issues that started there and continued on into the PostNatal period, as well as issues that start in the PostNatal period. This is important because the effects of these issues affect a mother’s ability to exercise. Subsequently, we must look at how to resolve these issues in an effort to achieve muscle imbalance.

  • Learn about the body's changes during Pregnancy
  • Understand how these Pregnancy-induced changes affect new motherhood
  • Minimize the magnitude of the 'Pregnancy effect'
  • Help Moms who donly sleep a couple of hours a night
  • Provide a social experience for isolated Moms to connect in
  • Balance muscle use to offset the postural changes assoicated in early motherhood

  • 3

    Planning the Class

In this third module we will discuss music selection, how to generate appropriate movements and then put them together into a flow of choreography. As you can imagine, this becomes a little trickier when you are using only one or no hands! We will then look at buoyancy and the effects of water resistance which will help us select the appropriate water depth at which to work. The temperature of the water becomes an issue for some babies, so it also needs to be discussed.

  • Use the Elements of Variety to generate appropriate movements
  • Flow the movements into fun and easy choreography
  • Incorporate Baby into every exercise
  • Use the physical properties of water to make exercises harder or easier
  • Adapt the class and clothing for cooler or warmer water
  • Work at the best water depth for each individual

  • 4

    Building Connections

In this module, you will learn lesson planning to enhance the bonding between Mom and her Baby. You will also go over the various discussion topics that can be introduced during the class. Lastly, anything involving a baby can be unpredictable! So, you will also get some guidance regarding how to deal with difficulties during the class.

  • Hyponaturemia
  • Self - Rescue
  • PFDs (Lifejackets)
  • Submersions
  • Secondary/Dry Drowning
  • How to deal with difficulties in class

  • 5

    Practical Evaluation

In this module we will be talking about insurance coverage for your classes, what the criteria are for the video footage of your class and then I’ll give you the instructions for uploading your video footage so that I can evaluate it.

  • Evaluation criteria
  • Evaluation procedure
  • Instructions on how to upload video for evaluation
  • Sample warm-up, cardio, strength & cooldown videos
  • Sample Discussion topic video
  • How to stay in touch for further support on your journey

Reviews From Happy Clients

Leah connects with her students on every level and is very encouraging, always offering support to all those striving to achieve new certifications. I  am fully confident that her heart is dedicated to providing the best learning experience for the students taking her courses.

Nicole McInnes
Nicole McInnes Reach Fitness with Nicole

Leah made it fun and really easy to learn a lot of information in a short period of time!

Pamela Audley
Pamela Audley

Just wanted to say how much fun I had taking your course last month. Loved the song choices and routines!

Daniela Semren
Daniela Semren

The energy from the instructor and how she set up the course helped me learn a lot in a short amount of time. Thank you, Leah. It was amazing!

Sara Samani
Sara Samani
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